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Fuel Injector Cleaning

Taking proper care of your car is a complex task. That’s why Central Lube is here to help—we provide services like fuel injector cleaning at affordable prices. Contact us today at (919) 763-1377 (Clayton) or (919) 763-1378 (Smithfield) to learn more about the services offered at our locations, which are just a quick trip away from Raleigh, North Carolina.

  • What Do Fuel Injectors Do?

    As its name suggests, the fuel injector in a car delivers fuel from the tank to the engine. As air comes through the engine air filter, the injector’s nozzle sprays a fine mist of gasoline, mixing the two together and preparing them for combustion. Problems occur when fuel varnish or other debris begins to accumulate on the nozzle, blocking the spray. Dirty fuel injectors can lead to weak spray or uneven patterns—a definite detriment when your engine needs a precise combination of air and fuel in order to perform well.

  • Fuel Injector Cleaning

If you’re experiencing engine troubles like misfiring, inconsistent power, or uneven idling, the culprit may be your fuel injection system. At Central Lube, we use a two-step process to clean out a clogged injector. First, we’ll flush a cleaning fluid through the fuel system. This will help remove any buildup of debris within the injector’s working parts. Then, a vacuum-pressure treatment cleans debris from the outside. You’ll notice the increase in miles per gallon with a clean fuel injector.

Contact Us Today!

Most manufacturers recommend a fuel injection cleaning every 25,000 to 30,000 miles or every other year. We can perform this service when you come in for your annual vehicle inspection or add it to a more routine oil change.

In addition to fuel injection service, we offer a variety of other car service needs, including serpentine belt replacement and transfer case fluid flushing, among others. For more information on our services and specials, contact us today and make an appointment at one of our locations in Clayton or Smithfield, North Carolina by calling (919) 763-1377 (Clayton) or (919) 763-1378 (Smithfield).