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Differential Service

As a finely tuned machine, every part of a car needs to work perfectly in order for the whole to function. To make sure your car differential is performing at optimal levels, contact Central Lube today at (919) 763-1377 (Clayton) or (919) 763-1378 (Smithfield) to schedule an appointment at one of our North Carolina locations in Clayton and Smithfield — just a short drive away from Raleigh.

  • What Does an Auto Differential Do?

    The differential in a car sends the engine’s power to the wheels. It also controls the rotation speed of a car’s wheels as they turn, an important function since outside wheels need to travel farther and therefore spin faster than inside wheels in order to keep the car turning properly. Found between each set of drive wheels on every modern car or truck, the differential is lubricated with a special type of oil called differential fluid. A differential fluid change at consistent intervals is essential to your drivetrain’s longevity.

  • Differential Service

Differential Fluid Changes

Proper differential maintenance is essential to keep your vehicle functioning at optimal levels, but differential fluid replacement is one of the most overlooked services for any vehicle. Neglecting to replace this fluid can have the following effects:

  • Gear oil breakdown
  • Poor performance and noise
  • Excessive wear and corrosion of gears, particularly under severe driving conditions
  • Contribution to differential failure, necessitating replacement

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Check your owner’s manual for details on your vehicle’s maintenance interval. Most manufacturers recommend getting differential service every 15,000 to 30,000 miles—a relatively short interval, compared to transfer case service or transmission service. At Central Lube, we’ll drain the fluid, replacing it with the oil type recommended by the manufacturer. Remember that the differential fluid change cost is likely to be far lower than the cost of a replacement piece, since this preventative car maintenance provides protection against friction, wear, and corrosion.

In addition to front and rear differential service, performs a number of other routine maintenance services, including oil changes and yearly vehicle inspections. To learn more about our services, make an appointment today at one of our locations in Smithfield or Clayton, or check out our current specials.