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Common Car Repair Questions

Q: Do you have multiple locations in North Carolina?

A: Yes, we have two shops: one location in Clayton and a second location in Smithfield, NC.

Q: I am in need of auto repair. My transmission went out on my car! Can you help?

A: Our professional technicians can absolutely help you out with your auto repairs. We even specialize in auto transmission services!

Q: Do you offer competitive rates to the larger car repair shops in Raleigh?

A: Yes we do! We offer everyday competitive pricing, as well as coupons which can be redeemed on our site.

Q: I just moved to North Carolina and am searching for an auto technician. Can you help?

A: Yes, we can. We offer multiple auto maintenance services. We also have an automatic transmission service that includes fluid replacement, transmission flushes, and transmission filter replacement.

Q: My car was recently in an accident and I am looking for a trustworthy company that specializes in auto repair in Raleigh to help me fix the damage that was done. Can you help?

A: We specialize in vehicle repairs and have been performing them since 1997. We look forward to seeing you in the shop!

Q: I really love going to you guys for all my auto repair needs. Do you have any discounts on your oil changes?

A: Absolutely. We have coupons that will save you $15 on your next oil change. We also offer free pickup and delivery services for our customers in Clayton and Smithfield.

Q: I have a few minor car repair projects that I would like you to look at. Do I need to make an appointment?

A: Bring your car in at your convenience and we will fix it without an appointment.

Q: Can you take care of all of repair needs?

A: We offer a large variety of services so that we can deal with almost any project. Our professionals can complete vehicle inspections, oil changes, transmission repairs, and radiator services, among many others.

Q: I think something is wrong with my power steering. Do you handle that kind of auto repair service?

A: Yes, our services include power steering maintenance.  Let us work on your power steering and create a quiet operating, longer lasting power steering system.

Q:  Why is antifreeze important for my radiator?

A:  Antifreeze protects the cooling system at temperature extremes and inhibits rust and corrosion in the system. Trust us to provide Peak Performance antifreeze that is good for temperatures down to -34 degrees and lasts up to 5 years or 100,000 miles!

Q: My father told me I have engine sludge and should take my car in. What is engine sludge?

A: Sludge is created through water, condensation, dirt, oil deterioration, and incomplete combustion.  It will cause friction in your engine, shortening its lifespan. We suggest you bring your car in to our auto repair shop to correct this problem.

Q: Are there any benefits to an engine flush?

A: An auto engine flush can extend your engine life by reducing friction. It can also increase your horsepower, improve your gas mileage, and keep your oil cleaner.

Q: When I turn my ignition, it makes a weird low moaning noise. Is this a problem? Do you think I need to take my car in to you?

A: It sounds like something may be wrong with your steering system. Bring your car into our shop and we can use premium power steering fluid to fix this problem.

Q: I am interested in buying a used car, but want a good used car value. Can you inspect the car to make sure I’m getting what I pay for value wise?

A: Yes, we do vehicle inspections. We can inspect the car and tell you what you need to know. Make sure to bring the vehicle to us for a vehicle inspection before you sign any contracts!